En rapport från Canini

Njeri har sammanställt en lägesrapport från Canini

It’s our hope that you are all well. We are doing well, despite being perplexed by current weather patterns which have just been too too cold. The Canini children are all well and so are their teachers. We have had little cases of sicknesses this time round and we thank God for it. Class 8’s are doing their exams as from the 8th of November to 11th November. Our wish is that they can all perform well and get good secondary schools next year.
We got in some two boys in May but we do have enough sleeping facilities for them. We would do well with two double decker beds and their beddings. Otherwise they fitted in well with the other children and enjoy themselves.

The shamba was quite productive last rains. We got a total of 2 bags of maize and 1.5bags of beans. This was the best in the last 3 three years. We are now in the process of preparing again for planting since the rains should be here somewhere in the middle of October. We have prepared to plant maize, beans and cowpeas. At the moment we have vegetables like kale, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, green pepper, capsicum, coriander and carrots. All in small scale since we are using the borehole water which is hardly enough to water everything at a go. We are getting 100 litres coming out for only 3 minutes.

Kilimanjaro water supply which is the main supply has proved quite expensive. At the moment going by our current bill we are using around 120m3 per month. The charges are as follows as per new tariffs effected May 2010

Charges per M3

0 -6                    90
7 – 20               100
21 – 50             120
51 – 100          140
100 – 300      160
>300                180

As you will see the above figures are quite high. We had a meeting and decided as a community we will try and use rain water and other for others chores but Kilimanjaro water for drinking and cooking only. We will then sit down again and evaluate. Only problem is if the rains do not come as expected.

The Canini guest house has not been very busy. We did some brochures which I have distributed around very sure that one day the sun will shine on us. We are looking forward to the guests coming at the End of October and as usual will work our hearts out to make them have a good stay. Many thanks to you all for your efforts at Canini.

We are always so greatful for your continued support of Canini. We are working hard to see that your efforts do not go to waste. Best wishes to all of you.

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