December 2012

Dear Friends

another end of year almost so close to the last. One may wonder if
some months were skipped but the truth is we have gone through all
the 12 months of the year.

We are all well
at Canini. The lawn is all green with some little food in the
shamba. We didn’t do much planting these last rains since most of
the staff were busy with the visitors and trench digging for the
borehole. The year has gone with its many challenges which have been
overcome as usual through your support. It has been a blessing to be
able to cut down costs especially through having our own milk. The
kids now enjoy their morning tea and the precious afternoon tea that
comes with a piece of mandazi. Life has never been better.

We are up to date
with most of our bills many thanks to all of you for your continued
support and devotion to this worthy course.

Our Christmas
party on the 8
of December was fantastic. Most of the kids attended and were
thrilled to receive letters from you. Even better the ksh.1000 for
their Christmas spending. Am sure you will be all smiles to get your
replies back. For the missing letters, we will make arrangements to
have them scanned through, this means we have to look for the kids
and get them to read first then reply.

We are getting
anxious about the Kenya Power and Lighting Co. lighting up our
borehole, after which we will be self-reliant on water. We can’t
wait for this day to come. Sure enough looooong showers will be the
order of the day. It was much fun for all the kids and staff to
taste and dance the first time pumping was done by the borehole man.
It felt almost awkward to have so much water pumping from OUR OWN
resource. What more would we ask for??

Special thanks to
the teams that have come and helped with repairs and maintenance of
the school, kitchen and the dormitories, taking the kids on field and
educational trips, giving presents, spending time, play and putting a
smile on their faces, sponsoring both in cash and kind and other
avenues. We are overwhelmed by words to express our appreciation for
the impact you have created on these lovely children. It’s our
humble request that you will not get tired but push on to bring out
the best of this worthy course.

We take this
opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and
Prosperous year 2013. We are praying for peaceful elections this
coming year, please help us do the same. Feel very welcome to come
and visit us at Canini for a well-deserved ‘working holiday’.

Best wishes


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